Sunday, December 30

Wednesday, September 5

2 weeks left and counting!

MEGANORMOUS!!! My lovely lady lump is so low now that I can't close my legs anymore when I sit down - it gets in the way of my lap! I'm getting Braxton Hicks and plenty of kicks and I'm wondering how much longer Casper will hang on in there before gracing us with his presence...

Wednesday, August 15

yoga fire!

Revelation! Just finished 2 1/4 hrs of yoga this morning (including an hour on the fit ball) and it seems like its eased my bump down just a little - you can't notice too much on the photos, but i can definitely notice in my chest and my lap!

Saturday, August 11

leave a man alone...

Dan put the biggest smile on my face ever tonight... Arriving home from Lina's 30th at about midnight, I found he'd been entertaining himself looking up what actually happens on the International Space Station... something I'd wondered about myself, but have to admit never looked into... I have to say this is just totally cute...

Thursday, August 9

the serif-text bandit strikes again...

Absolutely no idea who is behind all of this fantastic typographical decoration around Shoreditch, but I love it!

Wednesday, August 8